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At UOS, Our goal is to be the best sales and service agency in the, outdoor, sporting goods and tactical industries. We believe in providing superior service and a hands-on approach to exceed our manufactures and customers goals. Let's create a thriving future together

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Expert Guidance

With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Urban Outdoor Sales, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our manufactures structure and manage their business.

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  • 18 years of experience in the sporting, outdoor and tactical industries

  • 3 Sales and service reps covering 10 states

  • Administration support

  • Driven and highly motivated

  • Frequent travel of our territory

  • Full-service retail training support

  • Passion for success 





50 years. Over 120 million garments made. And we’re not done.

What started in 1967 as a single contract to make the iconic white Dixie Cup hats for the Navy turned into five decades of dedication and hard work as we grew to become one of the largest single providers of US military apparel in the country. Along the way, we branched out to serve the needs of the law enforcement and public safety communities, as well. This year, we proudly celebrate 50 years of providing outstanding military, law enforcement and tactical apparel and gear to folks like you who understand what it takes to get the job done right. 

All defined by precision, durability, comfort, and style. We don’t just make the best gear out there. We make it right. RIGHT TO THE CORE.

From design to delivery, we’re driven by good people making really good gear. If it’s anything else, it isn’t ours.

We’re calculated when it comes to what we make, how we make it and who we make it for – a difference you can feel in every stitch, every seam and every pocket.

Like our gear, our flexible service, fast shipping and product customization are designed to bring you more than you’d ever expect.

We’ve been the leading gear and apparel supplier for the U.S. Department of Defense, having met their evolving needs for 50 years.


Nightstick, designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc., is a global brand of professional lighting products including flashlights, headlamps and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that exceed the industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety and value


Brooking Industries' roots trace back to Lexington, KY. In 1985, we established a relationship with the nation's largest public safety equipment retailer, for whom Brooking developed and produced a privately labeled line of switchboxes and accessories. Over the years, Brooking expanded its manufacturing capabilities by partnering with a thermoplastics engineer, and developing a line of prisoner transport equipment that is now recognized as the best fitting and most affordable line in the industry. By 1995 Brooking had established its own direct-purchasing customer base in the southeastern United States, and became known as a reliable supplier with favorable pricing, lead times, and personalized customer service.
By the new millennium, Brooking's O.E.M.-type projects (custom wiring harnesses, etc.) facilitated penetration into other markets, but the primary focus remained in the emergency vehicle realm. It was at this time that Brooking, driven by the desire to become a "one-stop shop," decided to round out its offerings by introducing a lighting line that has become widely known as a superior option compared to other lighting manufacturer products. The latest contribution Brooking has to offer the emergency vehicle marketplace is an innovative and rapidly growing line of plug & play headlight and taillight flashers.
These innovations, along with the prisoner transport equipment, lighting, and lighting control options, have allowed Brooking to supply effective and affordable options that are supported by industry standard (or better) warranties with personable customer service. When you partner with Brooking you are not a number, you are part of the family. Welcome aboard.





For nearly 40 years, Optic Nerve (formerly Mountain Shades) has been an independent leader in the sunglass industry. Countless years, months, days, and hours have been spent in the mountains of Colorado testing our products to deliver only the finest sunglasses on the market. We have worked hard to create products for consumers and programs for retailers that exceed that of our competition. It's our top priority to foster a culture of passion and independence that we’ve been able to stand behind all these years.




We produce premium shades. What does premium mean? It means that our shades are constructed from high-quality materials that have been tested by world-class athletes as well as novice athletes, truck drivers, beginner pilots, moms, and absent-minded kids. But most of all, it means that you will not see any difference between Optic Nerve and other eyewear brands with a much higher price tag.

Our customers are smarter than most. Yes, it’s a bold claim. The savviest buyers and consumers alike know that supporting a company that empowers its employees, strengthens its community, reduces environmental impact, and cares about everyone in the supply chain adds value to the product they are purchasing. Buying our shades is a vote for a smaller company that cares.

It comes down to this: Nobody Owns Us and we intend to keep it that way. We are fighting the large conglomerates and giving you remarkable deals with every pair of sunglasses.


Founded in 1987, Kathmandu is known for promoting travel and adventure through innovative designs, sustainable and ethical manufacturing, and a passion for learning. Based in New Zealand, Kathmandu will start selling wholesale in North America beginning Fall 2019. 



At QALO®, we think marriage is awesome and family is everything! Our aim from the beginning was to ensure we created a community and fueled a lifestyle centered around family.
After all, that's how we live our lives! Whether you’re committed to a spouse or an expanding family, we’re certain that when you focus on your family, everything aligns


Croakies was born in the mountains of Jackson, WY over 40 years ago, and thanks to our robust manufacturing facility in Bozeman, MT, we still call the mountains home today. It’s this deep connection to the outdoors that keeps us driving forward towards greater product innovation, better, more sustainable production practices, and consistently raising the bar in creating industry-leading products coupled with unique prints and patterns - turning the ordinary into extraordinary, whether hitting the street, trail, water, beach...
or anywhere in between



Where the Passion Begins


Agency Principal

Nick Patston began his sales rep career in 2006 specializing in the Outdoor Industry which led to opportunities in Tactical and Hook & Bullet in the year 2011. He is living a dream come true as a small business owner and takes great pride in building his agency. 
Nick has been married to his beautiful wife for 12 years and they welcomed their first child in 2017. Nick is passionate about golfing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, shooting, camping, and is an avid sports fan.


Senior Account Manager

Ferdinand has been a Rep in the Outdoor and Tactical Industries since 2011. He and his amazing wife Augustina have been married for 5 Years. He is the epitome of a family man. Ferd is a huge outdoor and organized sports fanatic from Denver CO. He loves anything he can do with his kids be it hiking, running, swimming, shooting, or catching a local professional or college game.


Sales Representative

Cortney has worked in the Outdoor Industry since 2006 and began her sales rep career in 2013. Her experience includes accessories and footwear. Cortney was grateful to take time off to be at home with her son, and is very excited to be the newest member of the UOS team. 




Nick Patston 720-934-8374. Ferdinand Torres 720-278-9197